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It is common for software to come with recommended hardware and software requirements to achieve desirable performance. While the software may still work in an environment with some limitations if minimum requirements are not met, but it is always recommended to follow the hardware and software requirements as specified by the software vendor to enjoy all the benefits of the product with best performance . One such software requirement for Software Vulnerability Manager is PHP 7.2.x. Here is why you must upgrade to PHP 7.2.x, if you have not upgraded already: 

  • SVM supports RHEL 7. RHEL 7 comes with PHP 5.4.x built-in. SVM works fine with 5.4.x, however our recently released Single Sign-On (SSO) feature will not be available if you are on PHP 5.4.x. To take advantage of the new SSO feature, you will have to upgrade your systems to PHP 7.2.x. 
  • There are some technologies on which SVM relies that are not compatible with PHP 7.3.x currently, so we are recommending PHP 7.2.x. 
  • SVM is tested for its complete functionality and performance in our QA labs and certified against PHP 7.2.x. 
  • PHP 5.4 is end of life and there are a few open vulnerabilities reported on this version of PHP. While Red Hat currently maintains PHP 5.4 for RHEL 7 and takes care of back porting the security issues to PHP 5.4, it is best to upgrade to a version of PHP which is not end of life and regularly receives security updates. 
  • We plan to support RHEL 8 in the  future. RHEL 8 comes with PHP 7.2 in-built. Upgrading to PHP 7.2.x will keep you prepared for the future. 
  • Finally, SVM works best with PHP 7.2.x. 


So, the recommendation is to upgrade your systems to PHP 7.2.x to get the maximum value from the complete functionality of Software Vulnerability Manager while also improving the security posture of your environment. For other requirements for installing Software Vulnerability Manager please refer the installation guide . 

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