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This article provides information on how to use the language-aware installation feature with updates for Mozilla's Firefox and Thunderbird applications.


When creating a package for Mozilla Firefox or Mozilla Thunderbird, you can facilitate a multilingual environment with a single package.


This is accomplished using the Language Aware Installation option on step 2 of the package configuration wizard:

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Selecting this option will populate the Execution Flow area with a new script that contains the necessary information for the Language Aware Installation option to function appropriately. Once you have selected this option, you will need to add the languages you would like the package to cover in the Files to Include area, which is also on step 2 of the package configuration wizard, using the Add Localization button:

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Clicking this button will present you with all of the languages that the package can support. You can select multiple languages in this area using shift+click or control+click:

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Note that the language you select when initially opening the package configuration wizard for the update will already be included in the package, so you will not need to select that language. If you select the same language twice, you will be presented with the following argument:

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After successfully adding more languages to the package you will see the different updating files for each respective language listed in the Files to Include area:

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Once you are satisfied with your selected languages you can go ahead and publish the package as you normally would. Now when the package runs on an endpoint it will check the regular expression that the Language Aware Installation option provides to see what language is currently installed. It will then use the updating file that corresponds with the pre-existing language.

If the detected language does not match any of the languages of the updating files included in the package, the package will fail with a code 2. The Language Aware Installation option is only available for Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird packages. 

Adding localization files will increase the size of the package because you will be downloading an updating file for each language that you select and all of those files will be included in the package.

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