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Solved What Entity Decides The "Inventory Device Type"?

Hi all ...Before my laptop received the Flexnet Inventory Agent, its inventory was passed to FNMS using an SCCM Inventory Adapter.  FNMS listed the "inventory device type" as Computer.Now that my laptop has the Inventory Agent on it (version 2021 R1)...

Migration to a new server

Our Flexera Manager and App Portal is on a Windows 2012 server. Our organization will upgrade server to Windows 2019. Does it exist another method than reinstalling everything?  Thanks

JeanRM by Level 5
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Silent Uninstall FNMEA Agent

Hi All,We are trying to uninstall the old version of FNMEA Agent from all the license servers. There are instructions for silent installation of FNMEA agent. However, there are no steps for silent uninstallation. Can anyone help if there are set of i...

Solved Trigger SCCM inventory from commandline

HiWe have the challenge to use cyberark for the SCCM import to fnms onprem. Since the adapter do not have the support for cyberark I was thinking of trigger it by microsoft task scheduler where cyberark have permissions to update the password regular...

mag00_75 by Level 8 Champion
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Solved How to open and read an .NDI file?

Hi Flexera Community,Simple question: Is it possible to read the contecnts of an .ndi file and if so, how to do it? When I open one in notepad all I see is a bunch of random numbers and text.Thanks 

bleepie by Level 6
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Solved Log4j vulnerability on FNMEA Agent

Hi All, We can see log4j-1.2.17.jar being used by FNMEA Agent Is there a version of the Flexnet Manager for Engineering Applications agent that uses the latest Log4j? If not, what is the best option to remediate the Log4j vulnerability? Appr...