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Question About Migrating an Inventory Adapter From One Beacon To Another

Hi all ...

It is written in the documentation that if you delete an inventory connection, any data associated with that connection is also deleted.

I have an inventory adapter with an SCCM connection running on an inventory beacon that is due for retirement (migrating off Windows 2012 R2).  The same is true for the AD Import.

My plan is to disable this inventory adapter on the older beacon and recreate this adapter on the new beacon with the same name.  Same for the AD Import.  Will this maintain the connection's history (i.e. not delete the whole thing and start over, simply continue where it leaves off in terms of adds, updates and deletes)?

Second question, does the Inventory Beacon UI allow you to export an existing connection from one beacon and import it into another? I temporarily don't have access to a beacon to log into the UI and examine this for myself.

Thanks as always!


(2) Replies
By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

1. Deleting and re-creating compliance connections does normally result in a different internal ID (ComplianceConnectionID), so it can result in removing stuff and re-creating it. But that technically only applies to the Imported data level. You could trick the system by first adding the new connection, let it import everything. This should result in ComplianceComputers (what you see in the WebUI) being linked to pairs if inventory (one old, one new, usually matched by S/N). Then remove the old connection and re-run the import. The old stuff should be removed and the same inventories from the new connection should have taken over, the ComplianceComputers and anything connected should stay as they were.

2. I assume you're running on-prem. There's no export function, but have a look into the ComplianceConnection_MT table. Not sure if this is going to help your case, but the last column is BeaconUID. I wonder if you could simply change that to have an existing connection change Beacon.

wonder if anyone tried changing the beacon id in the ComplianceConnection and if that resulted in the connector being moved and avoid duplicates creation...