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Inventory device not making it from FNMSInventory to FNMSCompliance

Hello FNMS geeks, 

I've run into a problem that I can see a device is being inventoried (inventory file received on the beacon, showing in FNMSInventory.Computer  table). It also shows in FNMSCompliance.ActiveDirectoryComputer  table. As far as I understand during reconciliation it should be imported into FNMSCompliance.ComplianceComputer table, right? But for some reason it's not showing there. Any idea why?


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@ppyrzynski  you have a FNMS agent license available? can you check once in inventoryimport table of FNMSInventory DB? is it showing there?

Hi @milindteli, thanks for replying. 

Yes, we do have available licenses. Can't find InventoryImport table  in FNMSInventory DB though. Can you check the table name you are asking about?

FYI, It does show in FNMSCompliance.ImportedComputer table.



Did you check the Inventory Device Matching on whether it somehow gets reconciled with another device?



Yes sir, no hits there. 



I just realized you have an ongoing support case to investigate the issue...