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Solved Healthcheck for Beacon

I'm seting up a loadbalancer to manage installation of new inventory devices in a more friendly way and make scaling the environment more friendly.For the loadbalancer i need to define a health check that would tell me if beacon i working correctly, ...

Delete container images in All Containers page

Hi,We're using the option “Enable detection of Docker and running inventory agent inside Docker containers” to collect container information. We wonder if FNMS can auto-detect and delete the images that no longer exist in the host. If not, is there a...

Few Business adapter rules are not working

Hi,we've a business adapter running with  10 SQL rules to process and insert data to a staging tables. From past few days few rules are not working as they are expected to work but when i run the same query from Sql Studio, it's working fine and even...

Export sql of a report

Hi, How to find the sql associated with a report that we created via the FNMS Webui ???? (Then via a sqlcmd and the Windows task scheduler)? Has anyone done this stored procedure method before? Regards,

Solved More Than One Install Command For Linux X86_64?

Hi all ...I'll preface this with "I'm not a Linux guy".The Flexera documentation lists this as the installation command:rpm --upgrade --oldpackage --verbose managesoft-[VERSION]-1.x86_64.rpm However, I've seen several forum postings where this comman...

Upgrading to server 2019 for FNMA

I am currently planning on moving our FNMA from a 2016 server to a 2019 server.  We are not changing the database or it's location.  Can I just install the latest version and point it at the Database?  Are there any know issues with moving to a new p...