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SAP Ariba Integration with FNMS

Has anyone interfaced Flexera to SAP Ariba for purposes of capturing software purchases for FNMS? I'd be interested if any one has investigated either: 1) Logical capture points of when the SAM team should be notified and involved in the process 2) A...

FNMS 2018 GUI Performance

Community,Curious if you have any benchmarking on the performance of pages rendering?  For example, All Inventory, saving a license record, rendering the consumption tab on a license record.Do you feel the rendering meets your expectation?(understand...

shspann by Level 3
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Solved Considerations when upgrading from HTTP to HTTPS

Hi, I am wondering if there are any real life experience with upgrading from HTTP to HTTPS, and what kind of considerations you took when doing the upgrade. Also if there were any errors encountered when doing so? 

mcavanagh by Level 6 Flexeran
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Solved IBM Region Requirements

Wondering why I can see the IBM Regions when I am in all "All Inventory", however, on the actual license record/consumption, those fields state "unknown region". Wondering why the correct region record is not reflected in both places.

ILMT Adaptor causing duplicate consumption

Hi - Is anyone else coming across a similar issue? The ILMT Adaptor is causing our Oracle position to show duplicate records. The consumption report of Oracle Database Enterprise license is showing the same host twice. It's linked to an actual host s...

jbursch1 by Level 5 Flexeran
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Solved IBM PVU Report

I have searched all over the community for information on the changes made to IBM PVU reporting in 2019 R1. I have had no success. The PVU report doesn't look the same as in previous releases and I'm not sure what is required now to be reported. I've...

Questions about creating Microsoft licenses in FNMS

Hi All, I have some questions about creating Microsoft licenses. 1. What is the Power BI discoverable title in FNMS. 2. What's license type should I choose for Power BI, the software is capacity based. I didn't see it in the license type list. 3.Visu...

HPNZNB by Level 6
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Hello All, Does any of you know if we can see the actually MS SQL DBs installed on a server? I had this question already few times from different teams in our Organization. If OOB not is there away to inventor them with Flexera agent? Regards Frank v...

FrankvH by Level 6
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FlexNet Agent Change in Beacon

We have a customer who is moving from one FNMS instance to another and will be changing beacon servers as well and have a question regarding the agents currently installed. What is the best method to repoint the agent to the new beacon?