Exception reason "Covered by related product"

Hi, does anyone know what causes the exemption reason "covered by related product"?
The allocation is always unallocated and we can't change the exemtion reason. So every time we've tried to override it, the system set it back automatically. Thanks!
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Re: Exception reason "Covered by related product"

Hi Manuela,

This particular exemption reason likely means that the license for the application installation you are looking at is bundled as part of a license for some other primary application. For example, a license to use IBM Websphere Application Server 8.5 is bundled with a license for IBM Tivoli System Automation Application Manager V4.1 - an installation of Websphere Application Server would be exempted from consuming a Websphere Application Server license (with a reason of "Covered by related product") because it is covered by the Tivoli System Automation Application Manager license.

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Re: Exception reason "Covered by related product"

Hi Chris, any alternative? I'm seeing it for a single server with MS Host Integration Server installed (without BizTalk). Weirdly enough only on this single server this exemption shows up even though I have other servers with the same HIS version installed without BizTalk. There's no other license that includes HIS nor is HIS considered a suite component (it's a standalone software).

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