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Microsoft Licenses Current Deployment Using FlexNet

I am having trouble in identifying and pulling the current Microsoft Licenses deployment counts using FlexNet specially the Microsoft Server based licenses ... for o365 related softwares i was abled to pull the usage info from O365 admin portal.Howev...

Solved Inventory Failure when using password store

Hi,I'm using password store to get remote zero-touch inventory execution but task was failed.anyone who knows the possible evidence to fail? one target have 2 different type of failure.only one credential was saved on password store and filtered by i...


System task modifying status from active to ignored

I've looked at history records of a few ignored devices, and they were all modified by FNMP\SVC-Flexera. and the description states "status was changed from active to ignored"The only documentation I see where the system will update this, is if the a...

schilnr by Level 5
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Logfile rotation for 3rd party logs

Hi,we are currently facing a problem that one of our 3rd party logfiles is growing up to 400MB / Week. It is a Siemens license logfile that checks bundles and single products and creates huge amount of lines per week. Is there a possibility within th...

FNM + Tanium Asset (tci_Computer)

We are testing an implementation of Tanium Asset feeding data to FNM and we found something that does not align with our thoughts. The tci_Computer table of the Asset DB shows a value for ci_item_disk_total_space that does match our internal values f...

dcopher by Level 6
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Flexnet analytics for Multi-tenant environment

Hello, we are using the FNMS multi-tenant environment for which the Analytics tool can't be used, do anyone have any workaround to use the Analytics with Multi-tenant.If yes, please provide me the steps to be followed.   

Dell Dracs

What are the processes to be able to inventory a DRAC in FNMS for a Dell server?  I have a need to mange hardware asset details and the DRAC is not coming in via FNMS agent inventory. Is the SubAsset field in FNMS the right place to document DRACS?I ...