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Solved O365 Import_Duplicate Licenses

Hi All We have O365 integration into FNMS 2019R2. For the past couple of weeks, we observed there are duplicate licenses created fro O 365 import Screenshot attached. Can you please help understand how did it happen and how to ensure it is not repeat...

ImIronMan by Level 6 Flexeran
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Solved Is FNMS 2019 compatible with SQL Server 2016 SP2 ?

Hello,That prerequisite page indicates that FNMS 2019 can run with SQL Server 2016 SP1 - but the Service Pack 2 is not on the list.Could that be an oversight ? Or does it really mean that the SP2 is not supported by FNMS 2019 ?Have a nice day.

Solved Using Flexera Inventory agent as part of deployment package

Dear All, Is it recommended to include Flexera Inventory Agent as part of image that going to be deployed via Microsoft Deployment Service , Ghost Images etc  ?My concern is, is there any unique tagging like GUID or something that may a duplicate acr...

emtmeta by Level 7
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FNMEA Migration/Upgrade

I need to replace FNMEA v15.5 running on Windows Server 2008R2 with FNMEA v2020R2 running on Windows Server 2016.I haven't been able to find any general documentation on migrations. Is there a recommended process?If I mount the existing database from...

ATD_IT by Level 3
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Discovery Log question

Hi all,I have a question for some specific log messages from Discovery.log as following, anyone who knows what this means? Do I need to correct something to prevent skipped?2020-08-02 21:59:00,861 [.BasicInventoryVisitor|Async] [INFO ] Skipped device...

Solved Oracle database 18c / 19c unrecognized evidences

Hi,I see a lot of  current Oracle Database versions with evidences not linked to an application (FNMS 2019 R2, ARL 2527).  Is this a known bug? NameVersionOracle Database 18c Standard Edition 2 Release - Production18.  Oracle Databa...

FNMS Agent Memory Footprint

There's a sizable group of Windows servers I need to get the agent on, and I'm getting push back and questions.One of which is what is the memory foot print of the agent?I opened a case but tech support just cited the memory requirement for the agent...