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O365 generated token : access_denied

Hi,Thank you for your quickly response.When I click on generate the token, I enter the credentials of the account created on the Azure portal, the Office 365 administrator accepts my request, and when I click on back to the application, an error mess...

Custom Fields

We have added a few custom fields for a customer within FNM, and the question was asked if there are any issues with these fields carrying over after upgrades?  Does anyone know if there are any issues with this?

Solved Licensing of remote desktop environments

If a Citrix environment is set up for end users to remotely access a Citrix Virtual Desktop including MS AppV sessions to stream specific Applications,  according to the FNMS Online Help this would result in FNMS creating "remote devices" for every u...

Negative Microsoft licenses numbers

Hi,Our new customer has negative licenses count for some Microsoft licenses.Is it something that happens whne using MLS to upload the licenses?Thanks in advance. Kind regards,Maria

Applications for Acrobat 2017 Pro/Standard licenses

(there was already a post for 'Acrobat 2017 Pro/Std license setup' but was closed, so submitting a new post)   'Installed Application' list has only one application Acrobat 2017 Unspecified. 1. We have Acrobat 2017 Pro as well as Acrobat 2017 Standar...

nalinih by Level 6
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Processors usage average for Azure

In order to certify the right quantity of a license installed on a machine of Azure Cloud, Oracle requires measuring the average number of processors/cores of that machine in a certain period of time (generally 6 months before the end of the license ...

marcog by Level 8
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Solved App-V Integration

Hi!Im trying App-V integration with FNMS and im getting some errors.Log_running_via_Schedule_task – Execution logs using scheduled task (I collected evidence from two different attempts)---------------------------------------AppVMgmtSvr_2020-10-05_16...