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Beacon policy not updating

Hi,We have built 3 new servers and installed the beacons, status of those in the UI is showing as up to date and the beacon UI test connection shows FNMS connection succeeded. However, the installation log is showing the status as program exited with...

MacOS Agent Automated Install ?.

Hello, does any know of a way to automatically install the MacOS FNMS Agent with being promoted or disabling Gatekeeper? If we run the install we are asked lots of questions and it would be better if we could script this in to a answer file. Also in ...

Custom reports with dynamic links

In FlexNet Management Suite it is possible to create custom reports (FNMS Repots section).Such report can call underlying SQL stored procedure, or SQL query, defined in SearchSQL column of [FNMSCompliance].[dbo].[ComplianceSavedSearch_MT] table.If re...

marius by Level 6
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How to handle Oracle ESL (Embeded Software License) license

Hi,I'm currently diving into our Oracle Licenses and found that we have some Oracle embeded licenses that came from a third part business application.Licenses are for Oracle database standard edition and I wonder how to manage these king of situation...

Run4Fun by Level 4
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Matlab Toolbox Mapping?

Hello -We've adopted both the FNMS and FNMEA in August of 2020 to help capture our software landscape. My question is; how can we track the consumption of Matlab toolboxes associated to our standalone license install counts or bundle our Matlab toolb...

holgma by Level 2
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agentless procedure

Hi community,My client wants to inventory 8i/9i databases on redhat servers, except he doesn't want to use the agent, but he wants to use the questions :- do I have to create a unix account and a sysdba account on the redhat servers? or jus...

FNMS Xenapp agent powershell requirements

Hi,Can anyone confirm does FNMS Xenapp Agent requires to have "Enable-PSRemoting" within powershell ? Intent is to deploy Xenapp agent on one delivery controller which will talk to all the other delivery controllers. For this to work do we have to en...

Solved API | Flexera

Hello Dear Community, I was just curious to know if there was something that I can learn from an API perspective that Flexnet Manager Suite Cloud actually has in it's OOTB solution. When there comes a need to integrate systems via API calls.Any infor...

Cloaky by Level 7
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