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How to change visibility of a custom report

I have some custom reports created through sql script on FNMSCompliance database.

But this is coming out with public visibility, while I'd like to have the possibility to change is to private.

Is it possible to change something, also at db level, to make it private?


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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


Check out the table ComplianceSavedSearch:

FROM ComplianceSavedSearch

There's the column RestrictedAccessTypeID, which refers to these values:


The column just before that referes to the creating operator and therefore who can see the report when private.

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This is interesting but does FNMS share users with its db? I mean, the report is created using an SQL script, so, can the user running scripts be considered the creator also on the web UI?


No, it looks like custom SQL-based reports do not get a CreatedByOperatorID by default. There's no option in the procedure:


So you'll have to change it after creating the report.

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Does this mean that in this case I cannot set 2?

I think you should be able to set 2, but also make sure to identify the ID for the oprator who should "own" the report and then update that field as well.