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Inventory using uCMDB vs Flexera agent

Dear all, We are considering the pros vs cons of capturing the inventory using Flexera agent vs using teh uCMDB data for gathering inventory.  Could someone let us know the differences, or point us to a suitable link. TIA

ARL Update

When will the ARL be updated for those products that IBM divested to Breakwater Solutions?Thank You!

FNMS Application Usage Metering

Regarding FNMS Application Usage Metering, we are trying to understand why the default settings have:UseMSI  = True as the defaultUseAddRemove = False as defaultIs there a reason why the UseAddRemove is set to False?  Can we have both set to true wit...

Agent configuration on AWS

Hi,I was asked by the customer if they should put the full agent on there configuration templates because they use auto scaling. I didn't see anything in the documentation that discusses this. Can someone advise if we should use the full agent or the...

Monitoring Flexera using BMC TrueSight

We have Felxera on-premiseAnd we need to monitor the Flexera  application server and beacon server  in case of something went down or changed.BMC TrueSight  used for monitoring What is required to enable the monitoring? what must be monitored? Apprec...

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