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Relationship between AIX physical and virtual machines

Hi Forum,We have a requirement to establish relationship between the AIX physical boxes and the Virtual devices hosted on them. Is this possible by deploying an agent or do we have to do any integration like ILMT if available? can we see this under V...

FNMEA and FlexNetLS License Server

Hello, At a customer site we have a product (ENVI) that is setup to server licenses via a "FlexNetLS" license. The software used to utilize FlexLM but this appears to be different. We are not sure how to configure it to feed FNMEA or if it is still F...

afilla by Level 6
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Solved FNMS recognition rules (file-evidence)

When multiple recognition rules apply for certain evidence - for instance "at-least-one" as well as "required"), which one prevails? How is the sequence being set-up? Or do both rules apply simultaneously and will this situation result into conflicts...

FNMS Inventory - Best Practices

Good Morning, I've been made aware of a possible conflict that Mgssecsvc.exe is causing with another scanning agent that we have in our environment. I've been asked to put in an exclusion. This has caused me to review our Inventory Settings and I wan...

Solved SAP connectivity and beacon requirement

Hi all,for connecting to SAP, is there particular best practice or recommendations regarding a beacon?I seem to remember in a support case being told to keep SAP connections on a separate beacon, with no other inventory connections or rules running o...

jasonlu by Level 7 Champion
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Solved Another Oracle Java question - Java Platform 5 and JDK 5

So, I was looking at unlicensed applications and noticed that there are now two Java Licenses that I hadn't considered before:  Java Platform 5 Standard and Java Development Kit 5 Standard. I can't find anything anywhere about Java 5 being licensed. ...

Discovery and Unrecognized evidence

I asked a previous question about the evidence module now we have a change in direction we need to name all licenses off of the ARI pulled in the system from discovery. How do we do this and link it to the one license we named for all applications wi...