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HP Chassis inventory

Hello,I have a HP chassis containing 6 machines. To inventory all machines, do I need to install Inventory Agent on each machine? Or is there anyway to inventory all of them through HP chassis only?Thanks and regards,

Clone a target

Hello,I had a target used Agent 3rd deployment. Then I cloned it but only the new one uploaded inventory data. The original one didn't run inventory (tracker.log stopped at the last inventory before cloning).I tried to run Scanner on the original tar...

https configuration error

Hello,I've configured FNMS 2021R1 (1 db, 1 application server, 1 beacon, 1 analytics server). It was working well with http. But there are some problems with https:1) I cannot sign in FNMS/Suite on application server. It returned 401 error. But on be...

Properties missing?

Hello,I want to ask if there are "AD Last Logon Date" and "AD Disabled" in FlexNet Manager Suite 2021R1 as the attached picture? I think this is not a custom properties.

Office 365 SKU(s)

Is there a list of the SKUs that Flexera uses when creating the licenses for Office 365 via the connector?  I noticed that the licenses are using a SKU that starts with "FLX".  Was wondering if there was a list of these and the products they represen...

ARL download failed, how does the backend work?

Dear Flexera community,We have a FNMS processing server and a FNMS web server. On the processing server we want to download the ARL and place it onto the web server. This fails, and according to the logs, it failed. The logs say:Failed to download AR...

bleepie by Level 6
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Solved Calculated User

Dear All,Please advise what is calculated user, this may be simple question but would like to understand more from experts.Thank You

ISMP Evidence Showing Up (when we don't use ISMP)?

Investigating a potential false positive on Apache log4j. The reported evidence type is ISMP (InstallShield Multiplatform) coming from the FlexNet Agent, as the only source reporting (we also co-run BMC Discovery on these servers). The odd thing abou...

sissonr by Level 5
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