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Oracle Core Factor Table Question

Hi all, I'm looking at processor count which oracle database server is needing on FNMS Web UI.I'm navigating oracle server worksheet page and there is a specific server which have Itanium 2 9100 series purchased before Dec. 1st, 2010.1 physical with ...

Solved Evidence in report

I got a question from the "upgrade" team. They would like a list of all devices that have the evidence version of VIsual Studio 2019 Professional that is lower than 16.11 (so that they can see what devices needs an update).Is it possible to create a ...

KMaria by Level 5
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Access to Flexera SKU Library

Hello All, Is there a way to have access to the Flexera SKU library for major publishers like Microsoft, IBM, Adobe etc., to enable us in the purchase data onboarding process. We have noticed in some cases the SKU's available Adobe in the public doma...

User Access Logging Methods

Besides the FlexNet Inventory Agent does anyone know of other third-party software that gathers User or Device Access Logs that can be utilized for import into FNMS for CAL License calculations? Thinking Tanium, SolarWinds, McAfee, or other products.

dbeckner by Level 10 Champion
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Solved Cost Center & Corporate Unit

While implementing cost center and corporate units into our purchases I saw that this information didn't care over from the purchases to their respective licenses created from said purchases. Does this information not carry over from purchases to lic...

Solved Flexera and Cyberark

Hello,If I manage accounts used for installation and operation of FNMS (as attached picture) in CyberArk, will there be any problem to FNMS?If not, how can I integrate Cyberark with FNMS servers?

[Solved ]Flexera Documentation page is not opening

 Getting the below error when accessing Flexera Documentation Portal'An error has occurredError 20 Not sure if this is common for all , but i have tried accessing the portal from 3 different regions, issue is the same Regards,Junaid Vengadan

emtmeta by Level 7
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task failure notification

Is there a way to be proactively notified when a task fails?  If need be, I could write a query in SQL or via REST API to report on recent task failures, but if there's something built in that can notify me that would save me some effort.I learned to...

jkhill by Level 2
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