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SCCM v_R_System_Valid

Hi,I've been seeing old and duplicate computer data from SCCM. The SCCM team just mentioned the view v_R_System_Valid. According to them, the import should be filtered via this view. In this specific case we're talking 44k devices from the current FN...

mfranz by Level 17 Champion
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Shell script for Linux/UNIX FNMS Agent

Hi everyone, One of our customer is looking for the shell script for Linux/Unix machine. From Flexera document, there is a component called - FlexNet Inventory Scanner  - with shell script which can be retrieved from the Beacon ...

Flexnet Manager Suite - On Premises

Is there a way to update the data base without using an interactive service account. I have an account that allows me to login into the server. I am trying to upgrade the database for a migration to a new server.

bottsra by Level 3
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Solved Inventories uploaded by full Kubernetes agent

Hello,I have install full K8S agent in cluster. May I know which components (controller or nodes) will generate and upload *.ndi files of K8S inventory and how many .ndi files will be generate? Is it have command to run manually to check if it upload...

aaaaaa by Level 6
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Upgrading a licence in ITAM

Hi Guys ,We have carried out a few licence upgrades recently, and I am struggling to understand what the system is informing me of >So with this particular example, we have 1 purchase of the below licence that we have upgraded to the latest version.O...

2022-05-05_15-04-04.png 2022-05-05_15-02-50.png
bmaudlin by Level 9 Champion
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Solved SKU Library and Non-Unique SKUs

There are a number of SKU values in the SKU Library that are incorrectly recognized.  Example: SKU 100202 is apparently a valid value for a SolarWinds product.  However, that SKU is also used by a different vendor, AllTerra, for a subscription for a ...

Solved Oracle Java SE Application differenciation

Hello Team,I came across below two oracle java applications reporting in Flexera, could anyone let me know the exact meaning of this public? Does it mean public update release? Hasn't Oracle stopped the public updates for all versions above 7? Why is...