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FNMS Attachment Storage

For documents attached to Contracts, Purchases and Licenses are those easily assessible from the server? I have a need to download many documents, opening them one by one manually will take some time I'd rather invest more wisely elsewhere.

Thanks in advance!

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Ironically right after I searched, then decided might be a new topic this shows up on my screen after I hit send.  Might be my answer, passing over to our more technical folks to see if it meets the mark

If however there are other ideas more easily performed open to hearing them here. Will update on our progress as well

I have been able to use the LINQpad suggestion that bheadley provided in your linked post. You will need some technical skill to set up a connection to your FNMS Compliance database and to run the script. This is the script that I have used to pull any file out of the Documents table: 


byte[] result = Document_MTs.Where(d => d.TenantID==1 
	&& d.DocumentName == "Lorem_Ipsum.txt" 
	&& d.PurchaseOrderID == null
  	&& d.AssetID == null
    && d.PurchaseOrderID == null  
    && d.PurchaseOrderDetailID == null
    && d.ContractID == null
    && d.SoftwareLicenseID == null
    && d.ComplianceUserID == null
    && d.DocumentNoteID == null
    && d.ContractNoteID == null
    && d.TermAndConditionID == null
  .Select(d => d.DocumentFile).Single().ToArray();
File.WriteAllBytes(@"c:\Lorem_Ipsum.txt", result);


You will need to modify the file name and the conditions to match your specify file (or file set), but is is faster than manually downloading them from the UI. 

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