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App Portal 2015 Hot Fix A

App Portal 2015 Hot Fix A


This article provides information on the fixes included in App Portal (App Portal 2015 Hotfix A) version


This article provides information on the fixes included in App Portal (App Portal 2015 Hotfix A) version


App Portal version includes the following fixes:

App Portal 2015 Hot Fix A
  • IOJ-1724823 - Licensed App Uninstall from Browse Catalog and My Apps requires approval even though it is configured to NOT require approval
  • IOJ-1722008 - License is not available checkbox ignored for workflow step
  • IOJ-1723793 - Copied URL can be used by another user
  • IOJ-1724943 - Status update query is timing out frequently
  • IOJ-1724959 - Clicking on the uninstall icon on My Apps page results in an error
  • IOJ-1723461 - Non-English text for ADD button is outside border tile
  • IOJ-1721911 - Following error : Exception occurred in getting category tree for Category: 1 is seen in log files
  • IOJ-1724553 - sp_Deploy_Get_Target_Packages method shows exception in logs when no DataRows are found
  • IOJ-1722929 - Evaluating Collection Membership for dual SCCM environments doesn't work for Workflow Conditions
  • IOJ-1725362 - Cannot enter hexadecimal values for MAC Address for new computers
  • IOJ-1723379 - Checkout error: "Cannot select because this machine is not a recognized client" when using SCCM discovery and user has only one machine
  • IOJ-1724960 - SCCM Connection - Error on Test button click
  • IOJ-1724490 - Request on Behalf search not filtered when using licensed collection
  • IOJ-1725323 - Can't submit a request on behalf for machine that is not online
  • IOJ-1725577 - Machine policy refresh using SCCM 2012 only happens for Application and not for Packages
  • IOJ-1720474 - User computer relationship mappings have null values
  • IOJ-1725887 - On Request Summary page, the Currency symbol is always defaulted to '$'
  • IOJ-1725519 - Inability to add a Task Sequence and a regular SCCM deployment to the cart at the same time
  • IOJ-1725833 - Reset Notifications button deletes all default notifications from the database and App Portal Notifications Displaying in Wrong Language
  • IOJ-1724942 - Smart Uninstall is now included to allow uninstallation of software via My Apps, that was not deployed using SCCM (Only MSI Packages are supported)

Additional Information

If you are experiencing similar issues in your environment, please contact Technical Support to obtain this hotfix version

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