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This article descibes additional changes that are required after a password change is done for the App Portal Service account.


This article describes additional changes that are required after a password change is done for the App Portal Service account.


Some organizations have a security policy that require account passwords to be changed periodically.

If the App Portal Service account's password is changed, the new password would need to specified in the following areas:
1) For the ESDService under the services view

- Stop the service
- on the "Log On" tab, re-enter the account info with the new password
- Restart the service

2) In IIS manager, under application pools. select SelfService.

- Click on Advanced settings
- For the Identity field, click on the ellipsis and for the custom account, specify the account name with new password

3) If using the App Portal Service account for forests/domain in the Active Directory view of App Portal the password at that location needs to be changed

- Click Admin -> Site Management -> Active Directory -> Integration
- Check the configuration for each forest and domain to see if App Portal Service account is being used and change password as needed

4) Do an IISRESET from an admin command prompt window

5) Update the account running the following My Apps Scheduled tasks under the Task Scheduler | Task Scheduler Library

  • App Portal - Process Computers for My Apps Alerts
  • App Portal - Send out My Apps Email Notifications

Additional Information

To change the password for the App pools and sites please open IIS and perform the following:

1) Open IIS
2) Select Application Pools in the Connections tree
3) Select the Application Pool
4) Right Click and select Advance Settings.
5) Find Process Model / Identity. The default may read ApplicationPoolIdentity
6) Click to the value (e.g. ApplicationPoolIdentity)
7) Click the ellipsis that appears to the right
😎 Select a built in account or click custom account
9) If Custom account was chosen, click Set and specify the Windows account and password
10) Click OK to close the Set Credentials dialog
11) Click OK to close the Application Pool Identity dialog
12) Click OK to close the Advanced Settings dialog.
13) Recycle the Application Pool.

For sites please navigate to each site and change the authentication settings as appropriate.

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Level 9

@saleman I was reading through this article and noticed that it doesn't mention that Tasks that process MyApps alerts and notifications.  We have added that to our monthly password change document.  If the password on the tasks for the service account isn't change, the MyApps alerts don't process.

Level 6

@TeriStevenson  Thanks for letting us know! I've updated the article to include the My Apps scheduled tasks.

By Level 10 Champion
Level 10 Champion

@saleman Would be beneficial to note that the Flexera Service Gateway username/password need to be updated if it is the same account.

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