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Commands to check the health of a flexnet inventory Agent

I am in the process of deploying the Flexnet inventory agents across our server landscape which covers many different OS configurations. Is there a list of commands by operating system that can be ran to verify the health of the flexnet inventory agents during installation and regular interval health checks which will be conducted by teams managing the agents on servers in their environments?

For example, commands that could do the following:

  • Check for network access to beacon servers
    • nslookup {FQDN}
    • telnet {FQDN} 443
  • Check for processes
  • Check for services
  • Any additional commands that can be executed to know if the agent is functional
  • etc.
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I don't have a list of checks, but the question is also if it wouldn't be easier for the team to monitor existing log files generated for any errors. You may want to refer the team to the FlexNet inventory agent section of this blog about logging.