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Duplicate Users from SCCM & SaaS - Need to Merge Using Business Adapters

Hi Team,

Requesting your help with the following:



1. In the current environment I am working, it has FlexeraOne implemented.

2. Here, users are coming from:

i. SCCM with domain but no Email
ii. And, from SaaS having Email (for some domain is there, for some it is unavailable)


Need help with:

1. Need to merge these duplicate users in bulk. In a case it was stated to do it using Business Adapter. How can we do it using UI?

2. With regards to our concern, please confirm if Adapter Template = "User" will be correct or not?
3. Inside Business Adapter Studio, I am selecting XML as the Type under Properties. Correct or not, If incorrect, which format should I choose?
4. Under XML File Properties > Filename - which file should be chosen by browsing?
5. How can we make the connection with the data source?
6. What other settings or configurations need to be done in the business adapter?
7. What setting/configuration needs to be done to merge the following items:
i. Users from SCCM with domain but no Email
ii. Users from SaaS having Email (for some domain is there, for some it is unavailable)


Need your help on urgent basis as there is a lot of pressure to close this. But in order to do this, I need your help, please!


Thanks & regards,


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The user object is documented in but it's not completely clear to me if you're requesting an example for a business adapter searching for and finding users based on the available details from SCCM and SaaS mgt. You may want to share your business adapter at its current stage and explain what's failing for you so that the forum members can provide guidance.