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Unable to update Device Role using a Business adapter

We have created a Business adapter to update the Device Role details in my environment like Production, Test, Development, etc.,. I have mapped the Environment field with Computer->Role field in Business adapter and ran the import. The import failed with the below Error.

Error: Execution Timeout Expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.

Please let me know if anyone has faced the same issue.

Best Regards

Venu Gopal

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@venujuturi :

Based on your screen image, Asset>Environment is a Custom Field created against the Asset object.  If this is the field that you are updating, you will only asset this page when looking at Hardware Asset views when you go into Column Chooser and add your Custom Field.

As you discovered, you will not see this value when looking at Inventory Devices, such as the All Inventory page.  Your Custom Field is only for Hardware Assets and not Inventory Devices.

If you want to see these role values against Inventory Devices, you will need to create another Business Adapter and update the Computer>Role field.  In this case, the Best Practice is to use the out-of-the-box values that are built into FlexNet Manager.  

By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

In relation to the "Execution Timeout Expired" error: check that the timeout setting that is configured on your adapter. It should either be 0 (no timeout), or sufficiently large to allow typical queries (e.g. more than 60 seconds).

The logging shown in your screenshot is similar to what could be expected if you have a timeout that is negative, or a small positive number.

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