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Will the current ILMT SQL adapter work for BigFix 10? The reader does not seem to reference v10, only the various versions of 9. Is the schema the same? How come I don't see the adapter files in my downloads? It seems to be missing from the zip file. Thanks!
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Yes. I am using ILMT 9.2.25 however my Bigfix version is 10.x & we are getting ILMT inventory from Sql DB connection.

Can you send error in more details.

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Community Manager

FlexNet Manager Suite 2020 R1 and later (and the current Flexera One ITAM update) claim support for BigFix Inventory 10.0.0 with a database hosted on SQL Server. It may work with earlier FlexNet Manager Suite releases, but that isn't guaranteed and I don't expect it would have been thoroughly tested.

For reference, the following page lists compatibility information for the latest (as of this point in time) FlexNet Manager Suite 2021 R1 release: Compatibility with Other Products.

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