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Web Deployment Problem Restoring with Runtime Error during Install

Web Deployment Problem Restoring with Runtime Error during Install


Troubleshoot runtime problem with Web Deployment Install


What is causing the runtime problem message 'Unable to save file C:\windows\downloaded information\~~~~Project Name. System could not find path specified' when using a One Click Install?


The error is most likely due to a permission issue trying to cache to the Windows folder or other directory where access is denied.

Cache Path is where the cached .msi file and other cached installation files should be stored on the end users's system. You can enter a hard-coded value such as C:\CachedFiles, but it is recommended that you cache files in a path using a destination variable selected from the list. The default value is [LocalAppDataFolder]Downloaded Installations.

Additional Information

In the Releases view, select the Setup.exe tab. Navigate to the 'Cache MSI Locally' field. Set the field to the value [LocalAppDataFolder]Downloaded Installations

Web Deployment Cache Path setting

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