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Running an Automation Script via the InstallShield SAB on a Windows Server Core Docker Image

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Running an Automation Script via the InstallShield SAB on Windows Server Core Docker Image Summary: How to run an InstallShield automation script (VBScript or PowerShell) inside a Windows Server Core Docker image. Build a Docker image that has the I...
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Automatically set INSTALLDIR to the same value for base version and major upgrade

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1. Create a base version with the custom action "SetARPINSTALLLOCATION" (refer to the project settings in the screenshot and alter InstallExec Condition based on your product needs). Note: The custom action created in the base version will help in ...
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Use PowerShell to Create a Project and Add a PowerShell Custom Action Using the InstallShield Automation Interface

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Summary The following PowerShell script is an example of how to use InstallShield's Automation Interface to create a project .ism file and then add a PowerShell custom action. Resolution # Purpose of this PowerShell script: Create a project .ism fil...
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HOW TO: Stop a Windows Service from Starting Automatically During Install

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Symptoms A Windows service keeps starting automatically during install. Most likely, an Install Start service control event has been configured in the project. Project Type Basic MSIInstallScript MSI Solution See very quick, attached, 30-second scree...
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