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How to Subscribe to Flexera Systems Status Dashboard

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The Flexera System Status Dashboard page provides current availability information on our cloud products. Please use the steps below to sign up and receive service interruption or maintenance notifications associated with an incident. Navigate to https://status.flexera.com/...
by jturley Flexera Alumni

How do I accept access to a FlexeraOne Organization?

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To gain access to your FlexeraOne Organization, you will need to accept the invite sent to you from your organization. To do so, please follow the steps below.ps below. Navigate to your email's inbox and locate the invite email to FlexeraOne ...
by jturley Flexera Alumni

Setup an Identity Provider for Flexera One

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Flexera One can act as a SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) 2.0 service provider to enable SSO (Single Sign-On) for your organization. To enable SSO, log in to an external SAML identity provider of your choice, such as: ADFS (Active Direc...
by jturley Flexera Alumni

How do I Request Access to Flexera One?

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To gain access to Flexera One, you will need to reach out to your organization's Flexera One administrator(s). Your administrator(s) will be able to send you an invite and grant you appropriate rights as described on the following page: Adding New Users...
by jturley Flexera Alumni

Reset your password

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1. Access the Flexera One login page at app.flexera.com or app.flexera.eu for EU users 2. Select the Forgot Password link. 3. Enter your email address, then select the Email Link button. 4. You will receive an email with a link to reset your pa...
by jturley Flexera Alumni