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Box Integration Issues

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Symptoms: You have set your Box user's permissions correctly but getting the following error OAuthSystemException while executing http call (https://api.box.com/2.0/events?limit=450&stream_type=admin_logs&created_after=2022-05-22T13:44:20Z). Client error: java.io.IOException: Server returned HTTP response code: 403 for URL: https://api.box.com/2.0/events?limit=450&stream_type=admin_logs&created_after=2022-05-22T13:44:20Z...
by Level 4 Flexeran dpiarowski Level 4 Flexeran

Unable to View Users From HR Roster

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Flexera SaaS Manager (FSM) integrates with a number of different technologies to build an HR Roster. FSM uses this roster as a source of truth for your organization allowing you to track users and usage across applications, as well as identify Susp...
by Level 11 Flexeran CharlesW Level 11 Flexeran