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Blog posts from partners, community members and the Flexera team

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New Features Added to IT Asset Management in October 2023

Flexera One IT Asset Management October 2023 update includes the following new features and updates.  Note: For detailed information on these new features and updates, see the What's New in Flexera On...


Changes to AWS Premium Support billing line items

AWS has made Flexera aware of a change to the AWS Cost and Usage Report (CUR).  The Premium Support line item has changed from  'OCBPremiumSupport' to 'AWSSupportEnterprise '.  This change is reflecte...


Improved Optimization Recommendation Table

We are excited to announce that Optimization Recommendations tabular view has been enhanced to provide a more comprehensive view of the recommendations. Comprehensive Recommendations We have introduce...


New Feature: Cost Allocation using AWS Account Tags

Flexera is pleased to announce a new feature for Cloud Cost Optimization customers to use their AWS account tags to allocate their AWS spend.  This update includes a new Flexera API which lists all of...


Enhancements to Our AWS Usage Reduction Policies

We are excited to introduce significant enhancements to our AWS usage reduction policies, which have been released today. Revised Policies Old SnapshotsRightsize EC2 Instances (formerly Rightsize Comp...


Public API to manage access/privileges

With the new API, one can now manage the access for user account, service account and group.  An access rule API grants permission to a subject (user account, service account, group), and has three co...


Introducing Log Levels for Automation Policies

We are excited to announce a new feature that will empower you to have more control over logging during your policy evaluation: Log Levels for Automation Policies. With Log Levels, you can now choose ...


New Azure Savings Plan in Recommendations

Microsoft recently announced Azure Savings Plans meant to allow easier purchasing and commitment to discount pricing for users with consistent Azure compute resource usage. To help Flexera users take ...


Improvements to Automation Dashboard

The Flexera One Automation Dashboard has been improved with a more balanced layout and added charts for a quick overview of automation status. It has also been migrated to a secure and consistent UI f...


A new look for Flexera One Automation Credentials page

Flexera would like to announce an update to the Automation Credentials page to align with Flexera One's modern user experience guidelines. It has also been migrated to a secure and consistent UI frame...


Flexera One ITAM Generic REST APIs to Read Report Data

Summary We are delighted to announce, now Flexera One ITAM has a generic REST API, that provides access to Flexera One ITAM Reports data by calling report ID. Generic REST API provides another alterna...


A new look and experience for Flexera One Automation

Flexera would like to announce an update to the Flexera One Automation pages. The following pages have been updated with a new look and experience. Automation CatalogAutomation Applied PolicesAutomat...


Cloud Cost Optimization: Total Potential Savings

Flexera is pleased to announce an enhancement to the Cloud Cost Optimization Recommendations.  The changes provide a new view of your organization's Total Potential Savings from recommendations, and t...


Automation AWS Multi Account Credentials

Flexera One Automation allows you to create an AWS STS role across multiple AWS accounts with the same role name and permissions. How to create an AWS STS credential for two or more AWS accounts using...


Logout Redirect URL for Identity Providers

Logout Redirect URL for Identity Providers When you log in to Flexera One through your organization's identity provider, you will be directed to a logout redirect URL when your session ends. A Flexera...


Flexera One Login Page UI Refresh

Flexera One Login Page UI Refresh We’ve given the Flexera One login interface a refresh, and we think you’ll like it. The Flexera One Login Page UI Refresh will be available to all customers in early...