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By Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

Flexera is working on an update to the Cloud Cost Optimization Recommendations they would like to inform their customers about.  The update replaces the existing Billing Center Recommendations with a new page that includes greater customization and depth.  This change is planned for mid to late March 2022

The update includes the following changes

  • The Billing Center Recommendations tab is removed
  • A Cloud Overview page is added to the Cloud menu on the Flexera One navigation
  • The Cloud Overview page includes the Total Spend and Total Potential Savings from discovered Recommendations. 
  • Ability to drill into and filter the recommendations by billing center, recommendation name, savings, cloud, service, and other attributes. 
  • Recommendations leverage our powerful Automation capability and Policy Templates allowing Flexera to quickly add and customize recommendations
  • Coverage for AWS and Azure clouds. Google Compute to follow shortly after.  Ability to add more clouds in future updates.  
  • Future versions to allow customers to create their own recommendations to contribute to the Total Potential Savings 

The enhancement includes two categories of recommendations:

  • Rate Reduction – recommendations to reduce the cloud rate,  i.e., Reserved Instances, Committed Used Discounts and Savings Plans 
  • Usage Reduction – recommendations to reduce cloud usage, i.e., Unused Volumes, Instances and databases, IP Addresses, and Old Snapshots

Below are some examples of the changes described above.  

Billing Centers without Recommendations TabBilling Centers without Recommendations Tab


Cloud Overview Page showing Total Potential Savings for Rate and Usage ReductionCloud Overview Page showing Total Potential Savings for Rate and Usage Reduction

Recommendations List.png