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By Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

Flexera is pleased to announce a new feature for Cloud Cost Optimization customers to use their AWS account tags to allocate their AWS spend.  This update includes a new Flexera API which lists all of the AWS Accounts across all of the customers AWS organizations connected to Flexera.  This API makes it easy to get all of the tags from one API call instead of one for each organization and potential each AWS account.  Additionally, a new Automation Policy is provided to create Rule Based Dimensions based on the tags selected when applying the policy.  Together, the new API and Rule Based Dimensions provides a powerful and dynamic method for creating allocation rules for viewing your cloud spend based on your unique business rules.

The AWS account tags are available from the new Flexera FinOps Analytics Cloud Vendor Accounts API. This API allows you to get the AWS Account Names, All Discovered Account Tags, Account Id, and Payer Account Id.  The Flexera AWS Bill Connection will retrieve the account and tag details. In the future, we will be adding other Cloud Vendor Accounts.

The AWS RBD from Account Tag policy is used to dynamically create and manage Rule Based Dimensions (RBD) based on the account tags in your environment.  You can use the RBD to create rules for viewing your cloud spend using the dimension values created from tags, such as environment, application, cost center, team or anything else your business uses.

API Example

GET /finops-analytics/v1/orgs/{orgId}/cloud-vendor-accounts
    "kind": "finops:cloud-vendor-account-aws",
    "aws": {
        "accountId": "nnnnnnnnnnnn",
        "payerAccountId": "nnnnnnnnnnn"
    "tags": {
        "account_type": "production",
        "division": "flexera",
        "flexera_org_id": "111111",
        "flexera_project_id": "131334",
        "flexera_shard_id": "3",
        "project_name": "aws-control-tower-integration",
        "scope": "sales",
        "team_name": "solution-engineering"
    "lastDiscoveredAt": "2023-06-12T15:00:57.409Z"

If you have questions about this update, please contact Flexera Support or your account manager.