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By Level 9 Flexeran
Level 9 Flexeran


We are delighted to announce, now Flexera One ITAM has a generic REST API, that provides access to Flexera One ITAM Reports data by calling report ID.

Generic REST API provides another alternative option to automate the reading of relevant data from Flexera One ITAM and provides opportunities to build automated integration to consume data from Flexera One ITAM.

How it works

Flexera One ITAM report builder is a great user interface to create reports by selecting relevant objects and objects properties to fulfill business needs. Users can build report/s and validate required data by visualizing and save a report. Each report is assigned a unique identity.

Now users can automate the reading of data by calling those reports by calling report ID using Flexera One ITAM generic REST API.

This required a Flexera IAM token authentication and to access data through Flexera One ITAM generic REST API. This report delivers data using paging technology. When reading thousands of rows, each page will return 10 thousand rows. For more details please check the API online documentation and getting started with the Flexera One API documentation for more details on how to get a token.


Applies to

Flexera One ITAM

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