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Creating a non-human users aka Service Account is now possible with Flexera One. The new sets of public APIs are available to create and manage the Service Accounts. 

A service account is an account used by an application to access Flexera One APIs. Users calling Flexera One APIs should use a refresh token; for service account the Service Account Client should be used by machines/applications.

Service accounts, like users, must be assigned roles in an org to access resources within that org. Service accounts may only be assigned roles in the org they were created in, and therefore may only access resources in that org.

Applies to: All regions (NAM, EMEA, APAC)

How to user Service Accounts: 

How to access Flexera One APIs using Service Account: 

  • Get an access token by calling the token API - including the ClientID and clientSecret in the API call (the token API is described here)
  • Make an API call to Flexera API, including the access token.
  • When the access token expires, return to step 1.


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