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By Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

In an effort to improve the integration with Flexera One and cloud providers, the below Policies have been enhanced with a new authentication method.  The listed Policies now require a new Flexera oAuth2 Credential for connecting with Flexera Cloud Cost Optimization.

When Applying the Policies you will see a prompt to select the Flexera Automation Credential (see example below).  Select the Credential created as defined in the Provider Specific Credentials for Flexera.

Example of Flexera One Credential SelectionExample of Flexera One Credential Selection


This change only impacts the Policies of the Flexera One NAM instance (  Policies of Flexera One EU instance ( already include this enhancement and are not impacted.

  • AWS Delete Unused Classic Load Balancers
  • AWS Expiring Reserved Instances
  • AWS GP3 Upgradeable Volumes
  • AWS Idle Compute Instances
  • AWS Old Snapshots
  • AWS Reserved Instances Utilization
  • AWS Unused IP Addresses
  • AWS Unused RDS Instance
  • AWS Unused Volumes
  • Azure Expiring Reserved Instances
  • Azure Idle Compute Instances
  • Azure Old Snapshots
  • Azure Sync Tags with Optima
  • Azure Unused IP Addresses
  • Azure Unused SQL Databases
  • Azure Unused Volumes
  • Billing Center Access Report
  • Billing Center Cost Anomalies
  • Budget Alerts
  • Budget Alerts by Cloud Account
  • Cheaper Regions
  • Cloud Spend Forecast - Moving Average
  • Flexera IAM Explicit User Roles
  • Low Account Usage
  • Low Service Usage
  • Monthly Actual v. Budgeted Spend Report
  • New Service Usage
  • Reserved Instance Report by Billing Center
  • Scheduled Report
  • Superseded Instances