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Improvements to Automation Dashboard

Level 3 Flexeran
Level 3 Flexeran
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The Flexera One Automation Dashboard has been improved with a more balanced layout and added charts for a quick overview of automation status. It has also been migrated to a secure and consistent UI framework, React, to ensure compliance and a seamless user experience across all Automation pages. The updated dashboard keeps all existing features and adds new ones such as per-column sorting and filtering for tabular views.

Dashboard tiles provide an overview of applied policies, incidents, and their states.

  • Applied Policies bar chart displays the total policies and breakdown by category, including error state.
  • Open Incidents chart categorizes raised incidents by severity.
  • Tabular views offer per-column sorting and filtering.
    • Incidents With Actions Awaiting Approval
    • Recently Applied Policies
    • Recently Updated Incidents
    • Top policies by Number of Incidents
    • Most Active Accounts (Organizational Summary view)

 Explore detailed information on the dashboard and Automation User Interface at Automation User Interface Overview in the Flexera One online help.