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Flexera Alumni


We have updated our existing API which sends an invite to a new user in Flexera One org. A new optional attribute skipEmailNotification (type Boolean) is being introduced which helps to control if the invitation email from Flexera One shall go out to invited user. 

The main use case for this change is for the MSPs.

Release details:

Applies to: All regions NAM, EMEA, APAC

API: Invitations

API update: an optional attribute,skipEmailNotification, which is set to false by default.  


How to use:

When the value of skipEmailNotification attribute set to true then

  • The invited user will not receive (accept invite) email from Flexera One. 
  • When the user signs into Flexera One, the user will be prompted for accepting the invitation to new org. This is the business as usual flow. 

    FLEX325-Skip email invitation.png