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Blog posts from partners, community members and the Flexera team

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Private Catalog : New evidence pages based on status

We very pleased to announce that we have added new Software Evidence pages to better manage the private catalog for software in IT Visibility. We have also added new Private Catalog Evidence menu item...


New Features: IT Visibility Backend Upgrade

IT Visibility has released a new backend that provides scalability and performance improvements. With this upgrade customers also gain access to the following new capabilities: Software Vulnerability ...


Sorting for IT Visibility Dashboards and Folders

The dashboard folders and the dashboard titles are sorted for easy access. On the IT Visibility Dashboard page (IT Visibility > Dashboard), when you click Change Dashboard, a slide out lists both buil...


Audit log (first version) is now available

Hello,  Flexera One has now released the first version of the audit log.  Applies to: All regions (APAC, EU, NAM)Those who are using SSO and FinOps product What logs are available*: Flexera One: User ...


New Feature : File Evidence support in IT Visibility

We are excited to announce that support for File Evidences in IT Visibility. The feature is now enabled for all customers across US, EU, and APAC regions.  File evidences are supported for the followi...


Coming Soon : File evidence support in IT Visibility

We are happy to announce that we are adding support for File Evidences in IT Visibility. We are aiming to enable this feature on June 25th for all customers across US, EU, and APAC regions.  File evid...


Calculated Lifecycle in Flexera One Technopedia API

Introduction   Lifecycle dates--General Availability, End of Life, and Obsolete dates--are one of the enrichments that Technopedia provides on top of software releases. The dates are curated by Flexer...


Flexera One Technopedia UI is Now Generally Available

Introduction Technopedia provides a single, consistent, accurate version of the truth to align all IT technology, processes, and decisions--from finance and procurement to operations and compliance--a...


IT Visibility onboardings are delayed

***Update***This issue has been resolved*** We are currently experiencing an issue with IT Visibility new customer onboardings being delayed by a few days. As a result, new Orgs and POCs can't be onbo...


Data Mashup UI for Devices, Hardware, and Software

Summary Data Mashup enables the addition of custom columns to IT Visibility. This allows you to link custom data such as business information and environment to normalized devices, hardware, and softw...