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Blog posts from partners, community members and the Flexera team

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FinOps Bill Connect API now available

Flexera has released a new FinOps Bill Connect API to ingest the spend into Flexera One. This is a breaking change from the previous API version.  This version of the Cloud Bill Connect API replaces t...


New Feature: Cost Allocation using AWS Account Tags

Flexera is pleased to announce a new feature for Cloud Cost Optimization customers to use their AWS account tags to allocate their AWS spend.  This update includes a new Flexera API which lists all of...


Public API to manage access/privileges

With the new API, one can now manage the access for user account, service account and group.  An access rule API grants permission to a subject (user account, service account, group), and has three co...


Audit log (first version) is now available

Hello,  Flexera One has now released the first version of the audit log.  Applies to: All regions (APAC, EU, NAM)Those who are using SSO and FinOps product What logs are available*: Flexera One: User ...


New Feature : File Evidence support in IT Visibility

We are excited to announce that support for File Evidences in IT Visibility. The feature is now enabled for all customers across US, EU, and APAC regions.  File evidences are supported for the followi...


Coming Soon : File evidence support in IT Visibility

We are happy to announce that we are adding support for File Evidences in IT Visibility. We are aiming to enable this feature on June 25th for all customers across US, EU, and APAC regions.  File evid...


Calculated Lifecycle in Flexera One Technopedia API

Introduction   Lifecycle dates--General Availability, End of Life, and Obsolete dates--are one of the enrichments that Technopedia provides on top of software releases. The dates are curated by Flexer...


New Features Added to IT Asset Management in May 2023

Flexera One IT Asset Management May 2023 update includes the following new features and updates.  Note: For detailed information on these new features and updates, see the What's New in Flexera One / ...


New Feature: Cloud Budgets

Flexera is excited to announce the release of our Cloud Budgets feature.  With this feature, FinOps teams can view and manage their cloud budget in Flexera One Cloud Cost Optimization. Budgets are cre...


ITAM REST APIs now works with UAT org

Hello,  The ITAM REST APIs ( now works with UAT org. With this release, pass the UAT org id when you call the ITAM REST APIs.  Side note: we will be...


Notifications in Flexera One (survey)

Hello Flexera One user experience and product management team are conducting a survey on notifications. Many of you have noticed a survey within the Flexera One.  In order for Flexera to focus on the ...


Flexera One Technopedia UI is Now Generally Available

Introduction Technopedia provides a single, consistent, accurate version of the truth to align all IT technology, processes, and decisions--from finance and procurement to operations and compliance--a...


New Flexera User Groups!

We’re excited to announce we will soon relaunch Flexera User Groups! You’ve been asking for them and we’re ready to go. Since these are your user groups, we’d like to have five to seven customer volun...


Flexera announces new Flexera One FinOps solutions

With the accelerated rise in cloud adoption over the past few years and economic uncertainty putting an emphasis on getting the most out of cloud spend, organizations are moving towards new priorities...


Guides in Flexera One

  To enhance the user experience for Flexera One, we will soon be launching a new user-assisting feature, we are calling Guides.  Applies to: Regions: NAM and EMEA.Users: The experience will be differ...


New Vulnerabilities Menu in IT Flexera One

IT Visibility users will notice a new root-level menu item, “Vulnerabilities,” is now available. This is the first of multiple planned steps to ease access to Flexera’s rich software vulnerability res...


New SBOM Management in Flexera One

Flexera One users will notice the availability of a new root-level menu item, “SBOM Management.” This is the first of multiple planned steps to integrate Revenera’s SBOM capabilities with Flexera One....


IT Visibility onboardings are delayed

***Update***This issue has been resolved*** We are currently experiencing an issue with IT Visibility new customer onboardings being delayed by a few days. As a result, new Orgs and POCs can't be onbo...


Flexera One Supports Spanish Translation

NOTE: This feature is available throughout Flexera One. Flexera One user-interface text supports Spanish translations.    How to use it? Spanish translation is enabled through Flexera One-supported br...


A new look and experience for Flexera One Automation

Flexera would like to announce an update to the Flexera One Automation pages. The following pages have been updated with a new look and experience. Automation CatalogAutomation Applied PolicesAutomat...