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By Level 4 Flexeran
Level 4 Flexeran

We are excited to introduce significant enhancements to our AWS usage reduction policies, which have been released today.

Revised Policies

  1. Old Snapshots
  2. Rightsize EC2 Instances (formerly Rightsize Compute Instances)
  3. Unused IPs
  4. Unused Volumes
  5. Unused RDS Instances

New Capabilities

These updates bring a lot of new functionality.

  • Faster execution with streamlined code
  • Improved Incident Output: Additional context provided in incident output helps users in comprehending the presented information.
  • Consistent parameters and functionality, including:
    • Configurable minimum savings threshold for generating recommendations.
    • Result filtering by region via allow or deny lists.
    • Resource exclusion using tag key:value pairs.
  • Elimination of deprecated and redundant parameters.   

Additional Capabilities for Select Policies

  • Unused IPs: Introduced the ability to specify the duration IP address must remain unattached to qualify as unused.
  • Unused Volumes: Option to include attached volumes in incidents and to take actions on them.
  • Unused RDS Instances: Introduces a parameter to define the historical check span for instance inactivity.
  • Rightsize EC2 Instances: Capability to automate resizing or deletion of resources.

Numerous smaller refinements have also been implemented. For comprehensive details, please consult the CHANGELOG associated with each policy.

Don’t hesitate to explore the revised policies!