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By Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

We've released two additional API routes for configuring rule-based dimensions: allowing edits to a single rule-based dimension (RBD), or even a single rules list.

Previously, with only one API route to read/write the entire configuration covering all RBDs, any change involved uploading the entire configuration of every RBD in the org.

With these new API routes, it will be easier to write a policy that can update a single RBD, or even just one month's rule list for an RBD. It no longer has to touch the config of any other RBD.

For instance, a policy might want to populate an RBD to simulate an account tag. The policy would scrape a tag's value on all the accounts across multiple vendors, and use that mapping to generate a list of rules to populate one RBD. The policy could use the new API to write this rules list for the current month, without having to touch any other month or be concerned with any other RBD. 

The API docs are updated here:

Here's a snippet from the "Rule-Based Dimensions API" section:


The main API route, /orgs/{org}/settings/rule_based_dimensions, lets you read/write the entire rule-based dimensions JSON configuration for the org.

There are also two other API routes that let you work with a subset of the config – a single rule-based dimension, or a single rules list:


And the two new routes have documentation for all their actions.

Actions on a single RBD: 

Picture12.jpgActions on a single rules list: