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How to edit entitlements and other FlexNet Operations entities in deployed state?

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FlexNet Operations entities such as entitlements, products, suites, feature bundles, line items can be modified in the deployed state or without changing them to draft. This is controlled by the FNO settings present under "System"-->"config"-->"Fle...
by Flexera dekumar Flexera

How to stop sending emails, but only log them in FlexNet Operations email sent history

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This can be controlled by producer portal admins by selecting the settings present in FNO under System-->Config-->FlexNet Platform Server--->"Log emails in history, do not send them". The attached screenshot is for the reference to the setting. ...
by Flexera dekumar Flexera

Show entitlements with line Items having zero available copies by default in End User Portal

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This can be controlled using the FNO Producer portal administrator by selecting config present in Producer portal under System-->Config-->FlexNet Operations-->"Show Line Items with Zero Copies by Default". Below is a screenshot for reference to the ...
by Flexera dekumar Flexera

How to edit a user in FlexNet Operations?

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SummaryThis article will explain about the editing a user in FNO.SynopsisUsers assigned a role with the View and Manage Users permission can view, add, and edit users. The Manage Users page displays the date the user was created and last logged in (i...
by mdoshi Pilgrim

Where can I find upgrade instructions for FlexNet Operations On-Premises?

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SummaryWhere can I find upgrade instructions for FlexNet Operations On-Premises?SynopsisWhere do I find upgrade instructions for updating FlexNet Operations On-Premises to the latest version?DiscussionPlease find attached the Installation Guide for F...
by Flexera dgalloway Flexera
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