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Moving a user from one type to another through web service in FNO ALM

Moving a user from one type to another through web service in FNO ALM


In the FNO there are customer users, producer users, partner users and self register users. For example, if the producer user would like to become a customer user or any other user, users can update their existing producer user account to customer user account including the associated roles.

Use Case

Before converting an existing user to a different user type, ensure that the customer type account ID or any other account ID exists in FNOHint: In the SOAP request, keep the user details as it is. Just update the Account ID and Roles with REPLACE(OperationType) in the 'updateUser' request.

Users can find the latest version of the 'UserAcctHierarchyService' from the https://<siteID>, where <siteID> is the site ID for your organization, supplied by Revenera. (for example, )

In the API tool such as SOAP UI or Postman, load the WSDL endpoint URL. The UAT URL format for version 2 is:, where tenantID follows the format flexNNNN (for example, flex1234).

Use Case 1: Move Producer user to Customer user

1. Primarily, the user '' was seen under "Producer Users" tab. Before execution:



2. Webservice updateUser request to update the user type from one to another:



3. After executing the 'updateUser' request, '' seen under "Customer User". 


Result: The "Producer User" has been converted to "Customer User".

Sample Request:

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:urn="">


<urn:id>CUST100</urn:id><!--Account id:-->

<urn:name>SuperPortal Role</urn:name><!--Role name 1:-->
<urn:name>Software Engineer I</urn:name><!--Role name 2:-->



Hence, we can use this method to move user from one type to another.

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