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How to get the historic license usage data ?

How to get the historic license usage data ?

FNO Data Access API can be used for this.

The endpoint is: /data/api/v1/report/served-device .


You can use params of dateFrom to dateTo for a period of 30 days along with any of the following filters : accountID, accountName, siteName, servedClientHostID.

This can be done only for a period duration of 30 days.

If you want historic data for more than 30 days then maybe more runs of this query are required.






"description": "Report generated on '2021-11-18 07:45:28.587'",
"params": {
"mode": "batch",
"query": {
"accountID": {
"$eq": "11223366"
"format": "json",
"dateto": "2021-07-19",
"datefrom": "2021-06-20"
"status": {
"executionTime": 180,
"statusCode": 200,
"statusMessage": "Success"
"header": {
"recordCount": -1,
"totalPages": -1,
"previousPageURL": "",
"nextPageURL": "https://<URL>/data/api/v1/report/served-device?mode=BATCH&format=json&pastDays=1&limitRecords=500&dateFrom=2021-06-20&dateTo=2021-07-19&query=%7B%22accountID%22%3A%7B%22%24eq%22%3A%2211223366%22%7D%7D&requestID=cV9yYzotMQ==&pageNumber=2"
"data": [
"ServedClientHostID": "hcl2DLineSC3",
"ServerHostID": "4D8ANEW5EG75",
"DeviceAlias": "hcl2DLineSC3",
"SiteName": "",
"Notes": "",
"DeviceUser": "",
"Status": "NORMAL",
"DeviceAccountID": "11223366",
"DeviceAccountName": "TEST",
"LastSyncTime": "2021-06-23 15:55:02.07",
"FeatureName": "2DLine",
"FeatureVersion": "1.0",
"Quantity": "100",
"Overage": "",
"ExpirationDate": "",
"LastModifiedDate": "2021-06-23 09:00:08.777"


NOTE: If the request for "feature" is metered then there is no expiration date mentioned in the response.

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