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Solved Expose WebUI Properties in Database

Is there a way to expose all the built-in WebUI properties? We wanted to add a custom field after the "Hosted In" dropdown property in the Computer object. The name of that field is not listed in the Computer object section in FlexNet Manager Suite S...

dbeckner by Level 10 Champion
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SQL Server Database Engine Services

Many of the workstations have only SQL Server Database Engine Services installed, and Flexera has assigned a SQL Standard/Enterprise license. However Database Engine Service is free. How to resolve this problem so that licenses are not misused.

Solved FNM ServiceNow Integration Question

Hello, I had FNM connected with a ServiceNow instance, but it has been replaced with a new instance. Upon reconfiguring the Scoped Application the only thing coming from FNM to ServiceNow are "Applications". When I run the following against the FNM D...

afilla by Level 6
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Solved SQL Server standard from FNMS tool

Hello Team! We have 2 SQL Standard Licenses (Customer and Company owned). Some of the devices which are customer-owned are consuming the license from our organization and vice-versa. Does anyone else have the same scenario here? How do you separate t...

acruz56 by Level 2
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Solved SQL Server (Std/Ent) license configuration

Hi, I need assistance in configuring SQL licenses in a way that the consumption tab will also pull the Cluster and Host information currently it is pulling all servers with SQL with no hierarchy. I previously was a FlexeraOne user had the SQL license...

Solved Single Server FNMS 2022 R1 New Implementation

We are working on a new implementation of on-premise FNMS.  We have the suite installed on the server which includes Inventory beacon and batch.  We had added our SCCM SQL Database connection to the  inventory Systems on the beacon.  Our question is ...

Error importing log files

I am trying to manually import log files but I receive an errorUnknown error when importing the report configuration. Unknown Error, please see details in FlexNet Manager log (Error: ).I check the log file and saw the error 2022-09-22T08:39:19,717 ER...

kdoyle by Level 3
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IBM Infosphere products greater than

Flexnet ARL file evidence has markers for IBM Infosphere products with 11.7.% and we are getting inventory for devices running infosphere products v11.7.0.x, not getting or identifying any evidence above v11.7.1.x.  We know the products are installed...

wahans1 by Level 2
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