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Handling two different customers in one single FNMS environment due to split between them

Hello All,

In our Flexera environment, we have a column "Location" that we are using for some customized values say 'ABC/XYZ/IT' and 'ABC/PQR/IT'; where 'ABC' is a brand, 'XYZ' & 'PQR' are the companies and 'IT' is the department.

We are importing this Location field in the asset manually using excel file. So, there are few servers which are newly getting created have blank location also (unknown location). Also, another value was identified i.e., 'ABC/SHARED/IT' where the assets of this location are shared between 'XYZ' & 'PQR' companies.

Now the 'XYZ' & 'PQR' companies have split, and they wanted the license consumption to be split for them and also only the licenses that are owned by a company should be visible to only that particular company.

We have created duplicate licenses for each of them using a script. We can distribute the consumption of the devices that have the companies tagged in location to each companies using the restriction tab.

We have created roles with respect to the company in location field.

The challenge here is with the devices where company is missing or shared in the location field. As we cannot create multiple restriction in one role, we created 4 different roles - one for 'XYZ', second for 'PQR', third for 'SHARED' and last one for the unknown.

But when we gave a user from 'XYZ' company multiple roles say all the above except for 'PQR', the user could see only the devices that has 'XYZ' and not the ones with 'SHARED' and unknown.

This is because the roles are given precedence as all the roles has same type of restriction.

Also, customer do not want to convert our tool to multi-tenant environment.

Can anyone please suggest if they find a way to help us here so that a person from 'XYZ' can see all the license consumption of the devices that has location 'ABC/XYZ/IT' or unknown or 'ABC/SHARED/IT' and same for the user in 'PQR' company.

Any lead would be appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,

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For the newly created servers, do you use naming convention, can you distinguish the company after name? If yes, then you can write a script that manually populate the locationid with the desired value.


Hi Adrian,

We do not specify company in name column, we have values in the location column that distinguish the servers by company.