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Java 8 Update 361

Last week our org was forced to install Java 8 Update 361.  Looking at the device "history" of many machines, I am seeing where Java 8 Platform Standard was "Unlinked" and Java Unmanaged Application (yes that's the name of it) was Linked to the devic...

Solved Beacon and Inventory Configuration

How can you determine the current configuration of the Inventory Beacon'sThe current site does not have a parent child relationship. They have 2 independent beacons with different subnets on both.Currently I do not see any data being gathered by beac...

bottsrm by Level 4
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Beacon Configuration On Premises

The current configuration of the Beacon's : Both Beacon's use the same Service AccountParallelBeacon A - Has 1/2 the subnets assignedBeacon B - Has 1/2 the subnets assignedB- Child Beacon CNo data is being collected by B or C. What is missing that Be...

bottsrm by Level 4
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SAS Analytics and Miner Desktop licence

How can I configure licence to count 125 Virtual Client Use? Virtual Client Use - The Software license fee is based on the greater of either (i) the total number of Users (not concurrent) authorized to access the Software via one or more Virtual Mach...

Solved Application evidence for ActiveTcl 8.6

Hi,  We found an unmanaged installed commercial software named 'ActiveState ActiveTCL' having good no of installations mapped under file evidence tclsh.exe, it seems this evidence is wrongly mapped as this exe is a part of windows system, also having...

HTTP Error 500 on FNMS Suite website

Hello all, I had a specific error on the FNMS website in the past. I just wanted to let you know how to possibly solve this issue. The error was unspecific HTTP error 500. I found out that after running the Powershell config script, the web.config un...

srossa by Level 2
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In ARL 2740, all javaw.exe are removed of ARL and then will be in unrecognized File Evidence ! As explained, the problem is that commercial javaw.exe may be founded alone, without java.exe, while java.exe has recognition in ARL. I asked Flexera to ad...

bfaller by Level 7
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