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Un processed PO data processing along with license assignment through business adaptor

Hi All,

I am working on a project to simplify the process and todo so I want to create BA so that my unprocessed PO data link to correct license and at the same/with the same .csv license assignment will be process simultaneously instead of two different BA.  Your knowledge will be very help for me.

Thank you

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It's not clear to me how you would use the BA to link unprocessed PO data (the Purchase Order Line object to be specific) to the correct license object as that is a "calculated recommendation" at this stage.

Please provide more details about your thoughts on this topic so that the forum members can provide better guidance.


Hi John

Finally I am able to create BA that I want. By using that BA now through .CSV file (for now) I can process the unprocessed data along with license assignment.

Licenses those are properly created can be process only. If we have correct SKU and Quantity it is possible.

I am doing my R&D on this topic and I will update here too.

Thank you