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Application not detecting

Hi Team,

1 Application (Sailpoint - Identity IQ detection version 8.3) is not detecting in Flexera. Client confirmed that application is installed but it's now showing in Flexera. We haven't excluded any path in Flexera Inventory and we are getting the latest inventory date in Flexera for the server. 

What investigation step is required to detect the application (Sailpoint - Identity IQ detection version 8.3) in Flexera. 

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In FNMS, check "All Applications" and see if the application is listed as a known/recognized application.  From there, you can see what evidence would meet the condition on the system of showing it as installed and recognized.

Next would be to go to Unrecognized Evidence and search installer evidence and file evidence and see if you find the evidence there for this application there.   That way you can atleast see if the agent/data source is finding it---and it's just not recognized as an application.  

If there is no application in the ARL, and there is evidence found that can be used--you can create the application and tie the evidence to that application for reporting/licensing purposes.

Hi Thanks for your response, 

I am able to see application (Identity IQ detection version 8.3) in All Application but it's not showing as installed and status showing inactive.  Kindly find attached snip for the reference. 

Hi, Hope you have seen the attached snip in last reply, Please let me know How I can map the application to the device ?

.. or start your investigation from the Inventory side of things:

  1. Open the Inventory page for the device where you know that the application (Sailpoint - Identity IQ detection version 8.3) is installed.
  2. Switch to the 'Evidence' tab on the Inventory page.
  3. Check if any evidence has been detected on this device that can be used to identify the application you are looking for.

Link this unrecognized evidence to the application as described in the online help. Adding the application manually first as a 'local' application may be required. Then, perform a full compliance import to make sure the application is recognized.

You should be aware that application recognition in FNMS relies on Installer evidence primarily. Only if Installer evidence is not sufficient for detecting the application or application properties like the version or edition, you can link file evidence to the application, too.

Hi Thanks for your response, 

I am unable to see any evidence of the application in the 'Evidence' tab on the Inventory page. Planning to create the application and tie the evidence to the application.