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Solved How is oracle inventory done on Linux systems

Hi Community,I have a question regarding FNMS agent and oracle inventory. Together with Oracle DBA team we try to do some debugging on oracle server and find out how the agent is working and how he is doing the oracle discovery.Can you tell me in whi...

Business Import Error: Incorrect Syntax near "=+

I am trying to import the Location for our servers, and am getting this error when I try to run the importer. I have checked to make sure the Location names are already in FNMS, and have tried this using both a CSV file and an Excel file. Our locatio...

License Use rights & rules

What would cause Use rights & rules to not recognize an upgraded version of an application to add if Upgrade rights are set?  I created some local applications of higher versions, used the same Publisher, product, applications classification but the ...

FlexNet Cloud Beacon Error in Beacon Engine log file

Good dayWe are installing a new beacon and we are receiving the below error. All beacon settings are or seem to be correct.  Can you advise. 2019-07-10 09:52:46,992 [llers.PolicyController|Async] [ERROR] There is a problem on the beacon. The beacon c...

Inventory maintenance best practices

I'm looking for any best practices around maintaining inventory in FNMS.  Specifically the Ignored Inventory and Inventory without Assets sections.  In the past we have been ignoring any inventory (computers) not reporting in >90 days.  In order to d...

Flexera/SQL Question

Hello All,I am trying to build a SQL Query that mirrors the License Consumption page.  I have found majority of the columns, but I am having difficulty finding the Consumed column (I have found other consumed columns, but none that match this one).  ...


Solved Adding IP Address to Allow Discovery of a Device

We have a list of IP Address that are not found in our FlexNet Manager Suite, but we received these IP Address from a Server Team to get them added in Flexera. What is the process to get these added? Is there a step by step guide to get additional Se...

NDI inventory files not complete

Hello,The last weeks I keep a close look at the ndi files that ends up in the badlog. Every day we see that ndi files are not complete.They end something like:<Record MACHINE_ID="BAGA3031.prprivmgmt.intraxa" DB_NAME="FE3" TIMESTAMP="2019-06-30_19:54:...

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